QUIMICAS QUIMXEL is dedicated since its creation in 1988 to the manufacturing of industrial cleaning and hygiene products.

Supported by a large range of products, we have consolidated our company as a referent in the sector. Our more than 25 years of experience served us to take position as a leader in providing all kind of solutions in different sectors.

 We belong to and cooperate with several entities of the sector:

- ADELMA: The Association of Detergents and Cleaning Products Companies

- AITEX: The Textile Technology Institute

- AINIA: The Technological Agrofood Investigation and Development Center

- ASFEL: The Association of the Cleaning and Hygiene Products Spanish Manufacturers

- QUIMACOVA: The Chemical and Environmental Association of the Chemical Sector

- FIMED: Environmental Safety


ISO 14001 STANDARD:2004

ISO 9001 STANDARD:2008

Company registered in the ROESP under No. 0038-CV; we have a large range of detergents and disinfectants suitable for the food industry and homologated by the HA codes. 

We have developed an ECOLABEL line, according to the new exigencies, with products that maintain the high quality standards ecofriendly, and offer a high level of safety and conformity with the new EU rules.



P.I. Ciutat de Carlet

C/ Garbí, 20 - 46240 Carlet

Valencia SPAIN

Tel. +34 96 255 81 05

Fax +34 96 255 81 06